KT Tunstall 'Maybe It's A Good Thing' Music Video, Directed by Yonatan Weisberg, Debuts on Entertainment Weekly

Yonatan Weisberg and Chief Productions handle visuals for KT Tunstall's latest single 'Maybe It's A Good Thing'

This month saw the release of KT Tunstall's latest music video 'Maybe It's A Good Thing', directed by Yonatan Weisberg and produced & edited by Chief Productions. KT's brand new single debuted on Entertainment Weekly and featured an interview from KT herself.

Yonatan developed the idea for the video in close collaboration with KT. Following the shoot the collaboration with KT continued, as Yonatan and Chief Productions perfected the edit & visual effects. In line with Yoanatan's synopsis, the music video featured a live performance (set to graphic backdrops designed by Yonatan and art director Charlie Whiteway), mixed media stop motion animation, culminating with a psychadelic visual feast of vibrant colours and quick rhythmic cuts.

I loved the idea of pursuing that mixed media look. Yoni wrote a beautiful synopsis for what he wanted to do, where the world around me is interacting and reacting to me, all using beautiful textures and colors
— KT Tunstall to Entertainment Weekly

Stop Motion Animation

Yonatan used printed images of KT Tunstall to create the stop motion sections of the music video

A major component of the music video were the stop motion animation segments, featuring cutouts of KT set to vibrant and colourful backdrops. This process required capturing stills from the shoot, editing them into two tone black and white cutouts, printing the cutouts, then photographing them and animating them into a stop motion sequence. Once this was complete, the animations could be added to the backdrops created by Yonatan and Chief Productions.

The joyous visual finds Tunstall shimmying amid an artful collage of graphic backdrops and color-blasted stop-motion stills. Directed by Yoni Weisberg (Band of Skulls, Courtney Barnett), it features a mélange of circular bursts, luminous triangle motifs, and thick-edged black-and-white lines
— Entertainment Weekly

Live Performance and Graphic Backdrops

Yonatan used graphic backdrops for a significant portion of the video

For the live performance KT was placed in front of two different graphic backdrops (one of which is pictured above), a green screen performance was also captured, to be used for the VFX portions of the video. The graphic backdrops were also animated in post production to add extra flair to the video.

The aim from the very beginning was to use the VFX elements in the video to simply underline KT’s performance. Over the past decade KT’s music has been like the soundtrack to our lives, I wanted to make sure it felt like everything in the video organically grew from her performance
— Yonatan Weisberg

For the green screen VFX a number of different designs were employed, interacting rhythmically with the music and performance. Again, colour was a major focus, with the aim of complementing the upbeat nature of KT's latest single.

Three quarters of the way through, the video bursts open like kaleidoscopic confetti, diving into a psychedelic potpourri of rapid fire visuals. Tunstall keeps pace, ramping up her dancing with wild-and-free hair flips and a trusty one-two punch
— Entertainment Weekly

psychadelic VFX finale

KT Tunstall in Technicolor

The climax of the music video is a quick hitting sequence of VFX filled shots, which takes the video from colourful to full blown psychedelic. A large amount of post production work went into creating the VFX for this section, as a wide variety of cuts were used to bring this sequence to life. 

This sequence was overseen and edited by Karin Bosch, and was one of the parts of the video that we had the most fun creating. 

There are very few jobs that allow you to push your creativity to the edge. Yonatan embraced that side of the edit and let me go wild. There was a beautiful precision in letting go. I was released and set free to open the floodgates of experimentation, that being said, KT’s performance was already very powerful and we needed to balance the creativity of the edit with simplicity, highlighting the deeper meaning of the track
— Karin Bosch

We hope you found our first blog post interesting, stay tuned for regular updates from here on in. To check out the full video for KT Tunstall's 'Maybe It's A Good Thing', see below.

Maybe It's A Good Thing, taken from KT Tunstall's new album - KIN. Available for pre-order now. Released 9th September.

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