The Latest Short Film From Charlie Watts - PEOPLE - is Now Live

The latest addition to Chief's roster of directors, Charlie Watts, has just released his latest short film, PEOPLE. A study of the individuals that inhabit and define Manchester, the short film features stunning portraits and passionate, personal monologues delivered by a diverse cast. 

I love watching people and trying to guess their stories.

In the past I was really into street photography, but the problem is that you often have to be really sneaky, which leads to a sacrifice in the quality of the shot.

For PEOPLE, I decided to approach my subjects and talk to them before we started filming. I was amazed by how many people agreed to take part, the results were fascinating.
— Charlie Watts - Director

The grade for PEOPLE was the work of Chief's own head of post, Ian McLaughlin.



It was great to work with Charlie on PEOPLE, the film was well shot with some great portraits, so it was a pleasure to grade.

We decided to go for a distinct look, whilst striving to maintain the true feel of what was shot, we didn’t want to go too heavy with the grade. As with the stories featured in the film, we wanted everything to be as real and pure as possible.

I’m looking forward to working with Charlie again, everyone should expect big things from him in the future.
— Ian McLaughlin - Colourist

Watch the full film below...

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