Shooting food is something we're passionate about, probably because at Chief we're passionate about food in general. It's hard not to be, especially when Marc Ingham is delicately coordinating his latest perfectly choreographed cheese pull for Pizza Hut, or Daniel Cohen is reminding us of home comforts by pairing exquisitely baked potatoes with British favourite Hellmann's Mayonnaise. If that's not enough, there's also directors Kevin Antoine, Andrew Gooi, Moe Kafer and Myles New regularly orchestrating our hunger to a whole new level. A RARE offering indeed.

Mouth watering food photography is what RARE do. A full menu comprising of directors, production and post, there's no room for seconds as Chief & RARE will leave you feeling well and truly satisfied.

Our previous food & drinks based productions include work for Pizza Hut, The Cooperative, Dr Oekter, Lakeland, Crabbies, Johnnie Walker. A mixed platter that's difficult to scoff at.

If you're interested in how Chief and RARE can help add some sizzle to your next food based commercial or piece of content, just get in touch at or call us on 0161 832 6001.

An extremely experienced and talented director, Marc is a visual artist who goes to any lengths to get everything looking just so. He's been known to spend hours crafting props or searching for the roundest blueberry, just to make sure a shot is the best it can possible be. That boundless enthusiasm really shows in his work - every frame is crafted for the perfect combination of tone, composition and light. Marc also has a very nice canoe. Ask him nicely and he may take you for a paddle in it one time.

Daniel is a filmmaker with a meticulous attention to detail, but more than that he brings everyday inanimate objects and environments to life with a real sense of wit, character & pure imagination. From cavorting cutler to whirring whirligigs, each fame of Daniel’s work - stop motion or live action - is overflowing wit rewarding detail.

‘I didn’t know I was hungry!’ Kevin’s view of food filming is based on seducing the viewer whatever the time of day. One look at the way he brings every tasty & tactile food detail to film & you can’t fail to be salivating. Favouring a dynamic, energised quality to his films, Kevin eschews the classic view of ‘food porn’. His shots are graphic, kinetic & fizzing with life. A product, perhaps, of his background as a designer, art director & editor. He describes himself as a ‘hyperactive food lover’. Kevin's latest film, Spice Kitchen, was recently named on David Reviews as being "a spot that rivals Marks and Spencer for sheer aesthetic loveliness". 

Andrew Gooi is a fine filmmaker with a true passion for food stories. Blending documentary sensibility with beautiful, observational photography, Andrew’s films are a joy to watch, revealing fascinating stories of people and their connection with food. It is no surprise that he has already been twice nominated for the prestigious 2017 James Beard Awards. His skills as a story-teller transcend food into branded content as well, with powerfully-engaging people portraits such as his film series for UBER and his documentary on celebrated chef, Nobuo Fukuda.

Moe is an award-winning food photographer who has recently ventured into moving image with great success. For Canadian-born Moe, it is all about the food, the people who create it and the places that inspire the flavours. With a background in journalism and a passion for food and travel, she has always tried to find ways of telling stories through image and film - to express her love of the Culture of Food as naturally and authentically as possible.

If you're interested in how Chief and RARE can help add some sizzle to your next food based commercial or piece of content, just get in touch at or call us on 0161 832 6001.