Chief Production's fully fledged post production arm, The Outpost, houses an array of top spec edit, VFX, colour & 3D suites featuring both high-end Mac & PC hardware alongside some of the best editors, VFX artists and colourists in the business. With multiple client review suites you'll always be comfortable and well looked after, to compliment this, our experienced operators will ensure that every review goes smoothly and as planned.

Having in-house directors, producers and post production staff means that we can handle the full production pipeline, from inception to delivery, with your vision in mind and free from the issues that come with sharing a project between multiple facilities and creative inputs. Not to mention the time savings... We've often shot and delivered commercials within 24 hours of receiving the script.


The basis of any post production project is in the editing process, and this is an area in which we especially shine. Our facility is home to 3 online edit suites, as well as 5 offline edit workstations. We run and have expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer ensuring we can handle any project. Whether you're looking to catch people's attention with a dynamic commercial, blow away your fans with a slick music video or create a memorable moment with a quirky piece of content, our editors and facilities have everything you need and more.


Need video retouching, animation, or 2D graphics? We've got that. With 5 top spec VFX workstations in-house, all running Adobe After Effects and a vast array of high-end plugins, as well as a number of experienced VFX artists, we can handle the entire VFX pipeline. On top of this our VFX artists can provide VFX advice during the offline edit stage to ensure there are no unexpected issues further down the line. The last thing you want is for something to be promised during the edit stage that turns out to be impossible to realise.


The edit is locked, now it's time to make your beautifully shot footage look the best it possibly can. With 2 fully equipped colour grading suites running the full DaVinci Resolve Studio software, manned by our experienced and talented colourists, you can count on us to deliver when it comes to colour. Whether your looking for something natural or hyper stylised, we have to personnel, equipment and experience to deliver the best possible colour grade.


Was something logistically impossible during your shoot? Or perhaps impossible in real life?! Our 3D team are on hand to help. From 3D modelling to 3D animation and beyond, our 3D team have you covered. In-house, we have top spec workstations running C4D and OctaneRender utilising CUDA GPGPU processing, ensuring our capabilities are always at the cutting edge.


The Outpost provide a bespoke delivery service, whether you may need to deliver to a handful of channels or a whole network of TV stations. We also provide delivery services for idents, cinema commercials and VOD, taking care of everything from script to shoot to final delivery. Your commercial or video will be be processed through our full quality control pipeline, and we can deliver in any format required, from digital to tape. We can also expertly optimise videos for online content and social media, allowing you to reach audiences across virtually any platform. 

Chief Productions also provide a Clearcast clearance service to ensure your scripts and commercials are legally approved for TV, and we offer the same service for cinema productions too. Our team has a wealth of experience in this area and can advise on any situation which might arise. 

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talented members of our post team please get in touch.

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