One big difference between us and other production companies is that we have our very own studio, The Longhouse, located on the edge of MediaCityUK. Inside you’ll find two flexible filming bays, perfect for any number of interior shoots, and a 60 and 30 foot infinity curve.

Much more than just a pretty space, The Longhouse is almost 10,000 sq. feet of studio that can provide all those things to help your shoot go smoothly. 

Backstage, The Longhouse features stylish dining areas, green room, office space and free WiFi. We also offer ample parking for crew, generators, catering and dining vehicles. Upstairs, you’ll find our cutting edge offline and online edit suites, which means you can be in the unique position of being able to look through footage while the shoot continues on the studio floor.

The Main Studio is almost 5,000 sq ft in size, featuring a 60 ft infinity curve, with loading bay doors allowing easy access for crews and equipment. The main studio is also outfitted with a complete light rigging facility, suitable for all of your needs.

Studio 2, at 4,000 sq ft, also features a 30 ft infinity curve, ideal for green and blue screen work. This area comes white as standard, but we can paint it any colour you like for an extra cost. Studio 2 also has complete light rigging facility.

If neither of our studios are large enough individually, they can be combined with the simple removal of a flexible partition wall.

Our studio includes a large props store featuring a huge variety of props that you are free to make use of on your shoot.

Our canteen provides ample space to keep clients and crew well fed. Talent can relax in the green room and private meeting rooms are available on request.

In short, there's everything you need to keep your shoot day running smoothly.


Chief can provide first-class shoot catering whilst you're here as our guests. Our resident chef, Bobby Tonge, cooks with real ingredients, from scratch and on premises. You've probably heard about it.

As the old adage goes. 'Give a freelancer a meal deal, and they will be happy. Give them Chief's on-site catering, and they will reconsider their overtime bill'. (Maybe).

Prices and food are tailored to your requirements; just get in touch and let's have a chinwag.


You can bring a generator along with you if you like, but you're also free to make use of our domestic supply: triple-phase, 63 amp. The price of electricity usage is included in the hire cost.


Kit-wise, we know you'll be on top of everything. But should you need it, we've got the following equipment available for hire:

The Chief Wagon

The Chief Wagon offers luxury travel for you, your agency and clients. It comes complete with a 20-litre fridge, full stereo/MP3/CD system, TV, DVD player and even a PlayStation 2!

Red Epic-X

We don't need to tell you how great this camera is. We've got a kit ready for you to just pick up and shoot, but if you need a detailed breakdown of our equipment just let us know.

Other Cameras

We also have a Sony A7S mk ii, Canon XC10 and 5D on hand, should you need them.

Zeiss CP2 lens set

We've got for fantastic Zeiss CP2 lenses available: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm.